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This website is designed for gourd artists to be able to easily find and buy some of the more commonly used embellishments. As a gourd artist, I have spent countless hours searching for an item, and then trying to find the best price. I’ve tried to do that for you here. Hopefully, the items that you want to add to your gourds will be found here -- including the gourd! If you don’t see something you use all the time, let me know and I’ll try to find it and stock it. We know that there are other suppliers out there for tools and books, but we are here to supply you with the harder to find embellishments for your gourd art. We hope to promote the art and craft of gourds, showcase gourd art, and give you a place to find the supplies you need to create your own art work. Welcome! Check back often as we continually add new products!

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Your shopping place for all things gourd related